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Pigford: Forty Acres and an Escalade

March 13, 2011

Breitbart TV has a good interview with Michelle Bachmann today on the Pigford scandal. I fully understand why the lamestream media ignores Pigford, but I am dissapointed and confused as to why the conservative blogosphere is not all over this. It is one of the greatest taxpayer frauds in history.

“If You’ve Got a Potted Plant, That Makes You a Farmer”

It started out as a small potatoes class action suit (Pigford vs Glickman) about 400 black farmers being discriminated against by the USDA and denied loans. It is now a multi billion dollar “reparation” available to virtually any African American. Present price tag $2 billion+. And now with “Pigford II” – Obama’s baby – the door is open to hispanic “farmers”, female “farmers”, homosexual “farmers”, Native American “farmers” and anyone else with a percieved grievance. Price tag – $20 billion to… sky’s the limit.

New tractor for the "farm"

 Rather than try to lay this out again, I wrote about Pigford last year – Forty Acres and a Mule at HindenBlog.


Here is the Pigford Report from Breitbart. Twenty nine pages, but please read it. We all need to be informed about this, and now that Michelle Bachmann is onboard, Pigford should finally traction in Congress. A full scale investigation, indictments and shutting down this reparation scam should be a no-brainer.

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