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Hoping and Praying for Marizela

March 14, 2011

No further developments in Seattle regarding the search for Marizela Perez, the UWS student missing since March 5. Marizela’s mother, father, family and friends are physically, spiritually and emotionally spent, yet they can not and will not give up. I couldn’t either.  I can not imagine the fear and pain.  Please pray for them, and Marizela – please come home.

I was just reading about Monica weeping and praying over her wayward son for so many years. Ambrose told her, “be at peace woman, a child of so many tears can not be lost.” Her son Augustine of course became arguably the greatest scholar, author and church father of the first century.  Lord God, in your tender mercy and grace make it so for Marizela. 

A child of so many tears can not be lost. Please pray with us for her and her family. Bring her safely home Lord. Please, bring her home.

Please help distribute this information. She could be just about anywhere. It will only take one copy of this to find her.  The one you print or send could be the one! Thank you!


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