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Recovery Insanity: My Piece of Stimulus Pie

March 20, 2011

Here’s what the American Recovery and Reinvestent Act looks like in my neighborhood. For reference, these intersections are along GA Hwy 314 about 8 miles south of Atlanta Heartsfield International. It’s a rural, small town area with low density housing and no commercial property.

Behold the hellish conditions before Hope & Change came to town:

But now, YES WE CAN have new traffic signals, pedestrian signals, pedestrian crosswalks, handicap access ramps and controls on each corner! It’s like a miracle!

Perhaps you’ve noticed – there are no sidewalks, no businesses and no pedestrians here. My neighbor (retired Marine) has lived here forty years and has never seen a pedestrian on this road. Ever. It is zoned low density residential – meaning no more construction will happen. Do I even need to point out there was nothing wrong with the old signals? Take a guess how much this silly stuff  cost?

FEDERAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY SPENDING.  $506,310. But wait…there’s more!!  The signals they installed did not meet new federal guidelines – so they ripped out the new signals and re-installed new, new signals. Additional cost: $210,406. I  drove by and saw said semper fi neighbor standing by his truck cussing them out at the top of his lungs. We and other neighbors wrote and called the county, congress reps and senators. You can guess the response. Zip. How many total jobs were created, saved and/or imagined?? +/- 0. (zero, nada, nope)  If you have the stomach for it – check your own town here: 

So there you have it. After finding over $700,000 utterly wasted outside my front door, I don’t even want to think about how much of this trillion dollar nightmare is blowing away into lala land across the country.  This would be hillarious, of course, except for this…

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  1. September 14, 2011 9:34 pm

    $4 Trillion in new debt and all I got was this lousy president :-/

    Incidentally, throws a 404: not-found error. I think this is an omen.

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