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Obama Ghraib – Worse Than Abu Ghraib, Sans MSM Outrage

March 24, 2011

Nice piece by  Alexander Marlow over at Big Peace on the hypocrisy factor in the MSM. The event is clearly another case of a few rogue soldiers that should not bring condemnation on the outstanding work of our military.  In ’04 they cried for blood.

Man's Inhumanity to Man - Heads Must Roll!

 Says Marlow, “So what gives? Why is it that sexual abuse of Iraqi detainees in 2004 is worthy of more media coverage than the presumed murder of three Afghan civilians in 2011? I’ll give you one guess…”

Indeed.  This is a twofer – with someone digging up Bozo Biden’s call for impeaching Bush for exactly what his boss is doing in Libya.

“Not only has the Commander in Chief, who campaigned against preemptive wars of choice, entered one in Libya, now we see these photographs that make Abu Ghraib seem like J.V. football hazing. What a week for hopenchange.”

The Libiyan situation is less a matter of whether or not to act than setting specific objectives and leading.  The commanders have no idea what they are trying to accomplish.  This is a hallmark of liberal leadership – if you don’t set goals, you’ll never fail to reach them.  Success by fuzzyness.

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