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Reason and Reality – We Hardly Knew Ye

March 25, 2011

It is admirable that a functional illiterate with severe cognitive disfunction can have a rich and happy life as a columnist at the New York Times. Paul Krugman’s ignorance on economics could easily fill several books he’s already written.

It’s Up to the Right
“Yglesias says, correctly, that the only way we’ll get any budget deal now — or, I’d say, any time in the next several years — will be if conservatives come up with an offer. And they won’t.”

In other words, unless conservatives cave to Obama’s obscene spending orgy, tax the socks off the job producers and be the ones to publicly threaten the entitlement Social Security and Medicare monsters – we’re all in big trouble. Krugman is among the economic eggheads who believe spending the country into oblivion is the way to recover.

Via Doug at Michelle Malkin,  Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich says, “You don’t want government to hold back, you want government right now, yes, the deficit’s a long-term problem, but right now you don’t want to cut government spending, yet Eric Cantor and the Republicans are indulging, you hear it over and over and over”  RCP video here.

You want that if you are the one the government is dumping all its money on, no doubt. Here’s another fun fact I picked up today.  The Amtrak Sunset Limited from New Orleans to LA is subsidized by the government at $462/passenger.  For that subsidy, we could fly two passengers there and back in 1/6 the time.  So we borrow money from China so people can ride a train for two days instead of flying.  This is why the Government should not run anything, leave alone our healthcare.

 I’m not sure, but I think the national dialogue has…er, entered another dimention:

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