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The End of the Planet – And Other Pablum

May 10, 2012

According to some anthropologist egghead types, the Mayan calendar predicts the planet will cease to exist this year. Others seem to attribute the imminent demise of good ol’ Terra Firma to the effects of President Obama’s potential reelection. I’ll go with none of the above. Firstly, I’m thinking if the Mayans had it together they probably wouldn’t have vanished without a trace for no apparent reason. But they did leave some cool stony pics and architecture.

As for The One, he is naught but a fart in the American wind. The USA has survived and thrived through far worse than this dope and his band of merry cretin – and will be around long after their malodorous vapor has blown away. The myth that this miscreant is something more will blow away with him – but unlike our Mayan friends – he’ll leave nothing of note for future generations to enjoy. Just an extensive tab. Sigh.




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