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How About Some Cheese With That Whine?

December 29, 2013
Obama’s dismal  39% approval from Gallup reflects more than his pathetic performance. The main street folks are becoming increasingly frustrated with his incessant complaints, excuses, blame shifting, accusations, innuendo, hyperbole… the whole whiney sorry sophomoric shtick.  This from that radical right rag of record…The Boston Herald??
President Obama’s tanking approval rating in newly released polls shows Americans are tired of his whining, according to some experts  who also see a fighting chance for Republicans to rack up coast-to-coast victories in the 2014 midterm congressional races.
Can You Spot The Imposter?

Can You Spot The Imposter?

That, of course, assumes the Republicrats don’t drop the ball right when they finally have an advantage, and launch into their classic self-immolation routine. Not a safe bet by any means, yet the pouty POTUS continues to whine about everything from George Bush to Wall Street, to banks, millionaires, billionaires, heirs, Congress, Republicans, Bush, Rush, SCOTUS, FLOTUS, Fox News, the Jews, Tsunamis, Jihadis, Bush, Arab Spring has sprung, Bible clingers, gun clingers, country singers, Secret Service swingers, Bush,  Anthropomorphic Global [Ice Storm?] Computer worms,  bogus IRS forms, Rodeo Clowns, Flyover Towns, Putin’s frowns over gay Olympic Crowns, Gay significant others, the Muslim Brothers, and young healthy invincibles who won’t pay too much for something they don’t want or need and couldn’t afford if they did wanted it ’cause they’re still “remuneration challenged” [i.e. no freakin jobs]. Oh, and Bush.
All this has me singing a new tune and anticipating a great New Year – what with Oblamacare spiraling in flames toward Terra Firma – Barry’s B.S. battery out of bullets, and the loony lefties shifting into full on panic mode… — why, this should be about the best year since the people people thought were the ones they’d been waiting for turned out to be the cesspool cleaners. Or something.
Thus I leave you with the philosophical reassurance that the world we now inhabit, despite all the democretin defecation is still the best of all possible worlds! Imagine, if you dare, another world, an alternate reality where Barry Soetoro came on the American scene in 1776 and Washington turned up now! Hard to imagine what the little fella would have done, but we’d likely be residing in the not-so-United Provinces of Uzbekistan! Alas, all is well.   Have a Happy and prosperous NEW YEAR!!


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