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Same Ol’ Lame Blame Game

October 15, 2014

DATELINE WASHINGTOON: Breaking News at Puffington Host [sic]… where the dynamic dyslexic Howard Fineman  is all in a Blue State of Mind funk – as his hopeless headline opines…

Remember The Fresh Promise Of Barack Obama?

What Happened To That Guy?


Geez, get a grip Howie. Anyone with the brains God gave a cantaloupe could answer your searing query in a heartbeat.

“Nothing.. Same lame brain empty suit y’all elected. TWICE!”

Can You Spot The Imposter?

Can You Spot The Imposter?

I recall  some similar cognitive disjunction from Peggy Noonan – formerly the brilliant Reagan speech writer / now turned pseudo-neocon commenter for MSNBC – penning Pulitzer Prize prose about her most excellent adventure at His Highness King Barack’s Coronation/Inauguration Address. To wit…

Anything is possible in America. We decide to go to the moon and soon it’s “Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed.” We decide to cure polio and soon it’s a nation of Wilma Rudolphs, running. We struggle over civil rights and then the young black man raises his hand and says “I, Barack Hussein Obama . . .” We so rock.


Excuse me… got a little teary eyed there for a second. Shakespeare eat your freaking heart out. YET her Op-Ed a year hence should have followed through with the Apollo meme – but the gist was the same:

“Houston! We have a problem”

obam gothic

So it follows after writing yourself into a deep dark drool-bucket hole scribbling prolific praises of the putzy POTUS – it would understandably be hard to write yourself back up to level ground. Thus Mr Fineman concludes it was not Dear Leader’s fault – and he provides a list of excuses ostensibly exonerating the poor little putz.

  • Middle East (Apparently they didn’t get the memo that Obama is awesome)

  • Words Matter (Should have dialed back the brilliance and wisdom a bit)

  • Sky High Expectations (Not like he said he’d move the ocean)

  • The Internet (?)

  • The Economy (You knew Bush was in there somewhere)

  • Competence (Too much of it or something.)

  • Washington (Just too primitive to cope)

  • And last, and likely least… Obamamajeans himself! (His brilliance and charisma were incomprehensible to the peons) Excessive Awesomeness. Or something.

Looney Tunes on steroids. We now return you to the real world. If there still is one.

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