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February 11, 2015
As Buck Murdoch would say, “Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes.”


Methinks it curious that Jon Stewart would resign his gag news gig the same day Brian Williams spiraled into terra firma in flames. (Well, a puff of smoke maybe. OK, a fart) But I digress.
In 2009 after Walter Cronkite, “The most trusted man in America,” checked out to that big news desk in the sky, Time Magazine did a poll to determine who was the new journalistic titan of trusty truth. Oddly enough, the clear winner was… Jon “fake news” Stewart at 44% – handily beating out the 2nd place contender, BS Brian Williams at 29%! Which is of course an outstanding illustration of the pathetic state of contemporary journalism. Not even good comedy.

Walter Cronkite, leggenda del giornalismo Usa e' morto a 92 anni. Racconto' agli americani i piu' importanti eventi del secolo scorsoLong ago, in a reality far far away, every night about supper time, “Uncle Walter” supposedly squeezed all the day’s newsworthy events into twenty three minutes (after commercials). But hey, when “the most trusted man in America” said, “and that’s the way it is”…well geez, not even the President is going to argue with him. In ’68 when Cronkite declared Vietnam a “stalemate”, LBJ said to his staff, “Well, that’s it. If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost middle America.”   I guess the good news is according to the latest Gallup poll only 23% of Americans trust the information they get from the media. So in reality mainstream media is not even mainstream anymore. Which may in part explain the Williams/Rathergate phenomenon. In light of abysmal ratings and associated plunge in advertising revenue, network news is not even about accurate news, its all about ratings. So Williams feels compelled to inflate a helicopter ride into cataclysmic calamity, a dull dry New Orleans street into death and decay, and a pompous pundit into a puppy paramedic. Hope he can keep his health plan. krug

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